Spiced Virginia Peanuts – $3

Mixed Greek Olives – $4

Tomato Soup – $5

made with homemade chicken stock

Pimento Cheese – $6

served with baguette

Hummus – $7

moroccan spiced, served with baguette

Warm Crab Dip – $10

served with baguette

Fried Pickles – $7

fried homemade dill pickles with house dressing

Hand Cut Fries – sm $4   lg $6

spiced ketchup, house dressing, steak sauce,
or ranch/home sauce. pick 2 for large fries

Poutine – $8

fries + gravy + cheese curds = magic

Tatooine – $9

tater tot poutine

Wings – $10

homemade hot, carolina bbq, or jerk sauce

Mixed Greens – sm $4.5  lg $9

baby kale, red cabbage, julienned yellow beets, lime coriander
vinaigrette, toasted pecans, goat cheese crumbles

add country ham, tasso, or bacon $3


Served with our homemade chicken stock based tomato soup and a few pickled brussels sprouts, or sub homemade fries for soup for $2 extra

Brisket Sandwich – $11

pickled napa cabbage, homemade steak sauce

BBQ Sandwich – $10

home smoked pork butt, slaw, cabot cheddar


Rough Night?* – $10

mac and cheese, truffle fries, surry sausage,
gravy, and a fried or poached egg

Good Morning!* – $8

brioche french toast with cinnamon and fresh
nutmeg, butter sautéed apples, maple syrup

Buenos Dias :)* – $9

pulled pork, black beans, homemade pico de
gallo, queso fresco, fried eggs on flour tortilla

Southwest Benedict* – $9

tasso, corn and chili relish, herb hollandaise,
poached eggs on an english muffin

Caprese Frittata* – $8

basil, hanover tomato, fresh mozzarella and
spinach with grated parmesan reggiano

Breakfast Sausage Sandy* – $9

edwards sausage, fried egg, cheddar, fried sage
on a french toast bun. served with maple syrup

A la Carte

two fried eggs $2
toast $2
applewood smoked bacon $3
edwards surry sausage $4


served with our homemade chicken stock based
tomato soup, or you can have homemade fries for
$2 extra

Bountygate* – $8

house cured and smoked tasso ham, fontina,
giardiniera, hanover tomato, and fried egg
on white

Upstate – $8

super sharp vermont cheddar, applewood
smoked bacon, and gala apple on honey wheat
with a side of maple syrup

Mac and Me – $9

house made mac and cheese and smoked pork
barbecue on white

O.M.G. – $10

home smoked brisket, corn relish with chili salt,
bacon fat cabbage, edam, on mountain herb

Yes Ma’am – $9

lambic ale aged cheddar, peach compote, and
baby kale on white

River City – $8

pimento cheese, dill pickles, and
shaved country ham on white
add hanover tomato for .50

Chesapeake – $10

crab dip, spinach, and sharp cheddar on white

Kinda Big Deal Around Here – $9

fresh mozzarella, hanover tomato, pickled
brussels sprouts, white bean hummus on
mountain herb

The Jerk – $9

house jerked chicken, sweet and spicy pickles
baby kale and edam cheese on white

Build Your Grilled Cheese


$5 american
$6 cabot cheddar, pimento cheese, mozzarella
$7 fontina, bellavitano raspberry lambic, edam

$1 homemade dill or hot and sweet pickles, spinach,
baby kale, peach compote, hanover tomatoes, gala apples
slaw, white bean hummus, kimchi
$2 applewood bacon, edwards country ham
$3 pork bbq, brisket, tasso ham, jerk chicken

*These items may be served under-cooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.